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Vepsäs's restaurant is open from May 25 to August 28 daily from 9am to 8pm. Longer If necessary.

At the Vepsa island's cafe-restaurant there are A-rights in the restaurant. In addition to cafeteria and refreshments, there is also restaurant and a small grocery store.

The partially covered terrace of the restaurant overlooks the beach, the handball court and the children's playground.


We offer breakfast and daily changing home-made lunch. The hits of the summer have been, for example, Salmon soup and pea soup with plenty of bacon!
From our restaurant you can get pizza, or more traditional foods such as salmon soup with an archipelago bread.

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for groups and catering to sauna

Restaurant accepts lare groups and caters to the private sauna and lounge facilities in Vepsä. Reservations for groups and to the sauna lounge must be made in advance. Ask for a quote on group prices.

Read more about our saunas>



Smoked salmon salad 15,50€ (G,L)

Smoked salmon and grilled asparagus, salad, tomato, cucumber, pepper, marinated red onion and herb oil


Chicken salad 16,50€ (G, L)

Grilled chicken breast, salad, tomato, cucumber, pepper, marinated red onion and pesto


Halloumi salad 15,50€ (G, L)

Grilled halloumi cheese, salad, tomato, cucumber, pepper, marinated red onion and herbal oil


Kaikki pizzat sisältävät tomaattikastikkeen ja pizzajuuston.

All pizzas include pizza sauce and cheese (vegan cheese + 1,00€, gluten free base + 1,00€)

1. Bolognese 12,50€

Minced meat

2. Americana 13,50€

Ham, pineapple, blue cheese

3. Gamberi Tropicana 13,50€

Tuna, shrimp, pineapple

4. Opera Special 13,50€

Tuna, ham, salami

5. Quattro Stagioni 13,50€

Ham, tuna, shrimp, champion

6. La Greca 13,50€

Feta cheese, olive, red onion, fresh tomato

7. Vegetariana 13,50€

Pineapple, blue cheese, champion, pepper

8. Meat Feast 14,50€

Salami, ham, minced meat, jalapeno

9. Fantasia 14,50€

3 toppings by your choice

Extra topping:



Douple cheese, blue cheese, feta cheese, garlic, red onion, olive, champion, pineapple, pepper, salad mix, jalapeno, aioli, cucumber mayonnaise, chili mayonnaise


Minced meat, ham, salami, tuna, shrimp, halloumi cheese


Served with french fries and coleslaw. Also gluten free bun available.

Burger 14,50€ L (G)

Brioche bun, 170g beef burger, marinated red onion, salad, tomato and mayonnaise

- Cheese + 1,00€

- Bacon + 1,00€


Chicken burger 16,00€ L (G)

Brioche bun, grilled chicken, blue cheese, marinated red onion, salad, tomato and mayonnaise


Captain´s burger 16,50€ L (G)

Brioche bun, 170g beef burger, smoked cheese, marinated red onion, salad, tomato, mayonnaise and onion rings


Halloumi burger 16,50€ (G)

Brioche bun, grilled halloumi cheese, devil sauce, marinated red onion, salad, tomato, mayonnaise and onion rings


Sausage basket 11,50€/9,50€ L

Sausage, french fries, mayonnaise


Chicken basket 14,00€/9,50€ L

Breaded chicken, french fries, mayonnaise


Fish & Chips 14,00€ L

Breaded codfish, friench fries, tartar-sauce


French fries and mayonnaise 5,80€ G, L

Sweet potato fries and mayonnaise 6,50€ G, L


Extra mayonnaise 1,00€

Chili mayonnaise

Cucumber mayonnaise




Jacket potato 7,90€ L, G

Shrimp-, salami- or tartar-sauce and side salad


Mildly hot sweet potato soup 12,00€ L, M (G)

Served with archipelago bread

Creamy salmon soup 13,50€ L (G)

Served with archipelago bread

Pesto pasta 8,90€ 

Tagliatelle with homemade pesto, parmesan cheese and pine nuts

Grilled salmon 18,50€ L, G

Served with dill potatoes, grilled asparagus and hollandaise sauce

Mozzarella chicken 16,50€ L, G

Grilled chicken breast filled with mozzarella cheese, roasted potatoes and homemade pesto

Beef minute steak 170g 18,90€ L, G

Seasoned butter, french fries and side salad

Chef’s beef 23,90€ L, G

170g tenderloin with roasted potatoes, season’s veggies and pepper sauce

L= lactose free, M= milk free, G= gluten free
Ask staff for additional information on food allergens.



the departure point for the Rosita ships is on the west bank of the Aura River in front of the Vaakahuone in Turku.

Timetables and prices


60°22,50' P, 22°04,25' I

Puh: +35850 411 4963

vepsa (at)
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